Cleaning a wooden patio with a pressure washer

If you want to keep your wooden terrace in good, well-maintained condition for as long as possible, regular cleaning is necessary. A high-pressure cleaner can be a helpful tool for this. More about which pressure and which attachments you should use in the following.

How to use the pressure washer for cleaning the wooden deck?

Moss and organic residues from fallen leaves, seeds and animal excrement accumulate on the deck of a wooden terrace over time. If not removed regularly, this leads to a dangerously slippery smear film on the one hand. On the other hand, it promotes rotting, which shortens the life of the decking wood.

That’s why you should clean your wooden patio deck regularly – if you want to do it very carefully, preferably once in spring and once in autumn. And if you want to make the job as comfortable as possible, get a high-pressure cleaner and suitable attachments to help you.

Cleaning is best done in the following steps and with the following tools:

  • Coarse spraying with flat-jet nozzle
  • Cleaning with surface cleaner attachment
  • For coarser soiling, use the scrubbing attachment.

Coarse spraying

If you already have a high-pressure cleaner for the patio cleaning job, you can make the first step easier with its help: a flat-jet nozzle is good for removing the coarsest dirt. With its wide jet, the boards can be thoroughly pre-cleaned lengthwise along the wood fibres.

To avoid damaging the wood, the water pressure must not be too high. It is true that the different types of wood that wooden decking can be made of have different sensitivities. As a rule of thumb, however, the pressure should only be set at around 80 to 100 bar. It is best to test the reaction of your decking wood to the water jet pressure on an inconspicuous spot first.

Main cleaning with surface cleaner or scrubber attachment

A surface cleaner attachment is suitable for the main cleaning. Here, too, work in the direction of the grain and with the appropriate reduced water pressure.

For coarser, encrusted dirt, a scrubber attachment can also be helpful. However, the wood should be as hard as possible. Work evenly and quickly so as not to stress the wood surface unnecessarily.

Rinse off the removed dirt with clear water, preferably again from the flat-jet nozzle. Then allow the terrace to dry thoroughly.

Do not forget aftercare

After the cleaning procedure, the patio deck still needs a new sealant. Treat it with a patio wood oil, for example linseed oil varnish. Pigmented oils can be particularly helpful against greying caused by UV radiation.

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