Best Cordless Pressure Washers

Best Cordless Pressure Washers

Do you want to clean paths, surfaces or walls around the house and garden conveniently, but don’t want to constantly lay out the extension cable? Then cordless pressure washers could be an exciting alternative for you.

We have looked at various cordless pressure washers in tests to find out whether the cordless devices can really clean cars, garden furniture and other surfaces reliably. Find out how you can even work independently without a water and electricity connection.

10 Best Cordless Pressure Washers

Buyer’s guide to the Cordless Pressure Washers test or comparison: Find your personal cordless pressure washers test winner with our help!

The most important facts in brief

Cordless devices are becoming increasingly popular for both household electrical appliances and tools, which is why there are now also mobile cordless pressure washers. An ordinary high-pressure cleaner does not only have to be connected to the water pipe, but also needs a fixed connection to a power supply via a socket.
With a battery-powered pressure washer with a tank, you are not only independent of a power source, but also do not need a water hose on the device. The disadvantage here is the limited volume in the tank and the high weight due to the water in the tank of the cordless pressure washer.
The battery capacity is usually sufficient to clean the car, a bicycle or small areas with a cordless pressure washer. The performance and the usage time of the electric pressure washer always depend on the capacity of the battery.

If you want to work completely independent of a power and water source, you can choose a cordless pressure washer with a water tank. If, on the other hand, you just want to get rid of the annoying limitation of the power cable, you can choose a cordless pressure washer with charger and water connection.

We have researched in cordless pressure washer tests what the individual device types can do. Find out in our cordless pressure washer comparison 2024 which accessories you should not do without and for which activities the devices are suitable in everyday use. Because in some areas of use, a classic pressure washer is at an advantage, which can work powerfully indefinitely with a fixed water connection and a power supply.

1. What is a Cordless Pressure Washer?

What is a Cordless Pressure Washer?

Before we go into the details of self-priming cordless pressure washers or ampere hours in more detail, we would like to explain the basic construction of the devices. A cordless pressure washer in tests always came in two versions:

  • Cordless pressure washer with water tank
  • Cordless pressure washer without water tank

An ordinary pressure washer consists of a more or less heavy, central unit. This contains the electric motor that builds up high pressure. The central unit also has a long power cable that is either plugged directly into the socket or connected to a cable drum.

Furthermore, there is a device on the central unit to which the water hose can be connected. In this way, the motor is supplied with energy to use the provided water with more or less high pressure specifically for the powerful cleaning of surfaces. This is done with a kind of handle on which there are nozzles or brushes.

A cordless pressure washer for bicycles or other cleaning tasks, however, consistently dispenses with the sometimes annoying power cable. The battery of the cordless pressure washer must therefore be charged in the charger before use. Depending on the type, a connection to the garden hose is then necessary, or water is taken from a reservoir directly on the pressure washer. With a cordless pressure washer with water tank, you can therefore start cleaning completely unhindered and self-sufficiently.

You must always be aware that a cordless pressure washer without a power source and without a hose can only be used in a very limited area. This is because the operating times are severely limited by the battery and water tank, which is only sufficient for cleaning small areas, a bicycle or a car.

With an entire battery-powered high-pressure cleaner set, you have a compact device that can build up high water pressure and thus remove stubborn dirt in outdoor areas. In addition to different nozzles, a telescopic handle or a soft rotating brush as accessories can charmingly expand the range of use.

Usually, pressure washers, just like steam cleaners, only work with pure water and you protect the environment because toxic cleaning agents are unnecessary. Whereas steam cleaners use heat and steam to remove dirt, cordless pressure washers work with high pressure so that the water jet powerfully blasts off dirt.

2. Cordless Pressure Washers in Comparison: What are the different categories?

As already mentioned, we have discovered two types of pressure washers in the various battery high pressure cleaner tests. We would like to introduce you to both variants with the most important features:

Type of Cordless Pressure WasherFeatures
with water tank– have a water tank directly on the unit
– working time limited by volume of water tank & battery capacity
– comparatively large & heavy due to water tank
– completely independent, flexible working
without water tank– have a direct connection for the garden hose
– working time limited only by the capacity of the batteries
– lighter & more compact due to fixed water connection
– radius of action limited by water hose

Since most cordless pressure washers for cars and bikes that are equipped with a water tank can hold between 15 and 20 litres of water, they would be too heavy to carry. Therefore, the body is usually designed on wheels, which makes it easier to handle. If you are still not sure, try to find out if you can rent a cordless pressure washer nearby that has a water tank. If you rent such a battery-powered pressure washer, you can test its service life on site and make your purchase decision accordingly.

3. Cordless Pressure Washers in tests: What criteria should you look for when choosing?

Cordless Pressure Washers in tests: What criteria should you look for when choosing?

In the various cordless pressure washers tests, we found a specific cordless pressure washer test winner in each case during our research. However, in our eyes, one and the same pressure washer is not always the best cordless pressure washer for every area of use. If you work around pastures or graves far away from electricity and water sources, an inexpensive cordless pressure washer with a water tank can be better than an expensive model with a direct connection for a hose.

In our buying guide, we therefore want to give you criteria against which you can check any offer from WORX or other suppliers. Keep the following details in mind when buying a cordless pressure washer.

Do not damage sensitive surfaces
Anyone who has ever used a pressure washer to remove verdigris from stone pavements knows the phenomenon: rinsing the open pores first removes dirt, but these then offer even more surface for new deposits to adhere to. Therefore, check in advance whether the surface can really withstand the use of the high-pressure cleaner.

Is the water pressure related to volts and ampere hours?

Even without a power connection, the batteries together with the motor should provide high pressure for the cordless pressure washer for bicycle, home and garden. Large and powerful mobile battery-powered high-pressure cleaners can achieve pressures of up to 50 bar. Smaller models with a low weight, on the other hand, often only manage 20 bar. An ordinary pressure washer usually manages at least 100 bar, which should give you an idea of the basic performance of the models with battery and charger.

A cordless WORX WG620E.6 pressure washer is sufficient for cleaning cars and bicycles, small driveways and paths or garden furniture. You will hardly find a cordless pressure washer with 100 bar, at most with about 80 bar.

Ampere-hours and volts usually do not provide information about the pressure in bar. The batteries usually run on 18 volts and 2.5 ampere hours. High-quality devices offer batteries with 40 volts and 4.0 amp-hours and can generate a little more pressure.

What running times can you expect from a complete cordless pressure washer?

With a battery-powered high-pressure cleaner, you are usually more flexible than with a device with a cable.
With a cordless pressure washer, you are usually more flexible than with a device with a cable.

Unfortunately, the runtime cannot be determined by the battery capacity of 40 or 18 volts, because the type of use ensures different working times. With a rotating brush, the battery has to work harder and will tire sooner than when cleaning garden chairs with a nozzle and low pressure. You will usually read the manufacturer’s runtime specifications for both the 18 V and cordless pressure washers. However, these should always be treated with caution because they were measured under ideal laboratory conditions.

Here, no one needs to resupply the battery-powered pressure washer with fresh water using a bucket while the device is running or expose the battery to brief frost while driving in the car. Spare parts or an additional battery for replacement greatly extend the maximum working time. If the display shows that one battery is running low, take the second charged battery out of the case and simply continue working. You will still have to refill the water tank of the device.

What spare parts or accessories does a cordless pressure washer need?

Spare parts often mean brushes and nozzles that you can replace as needed for different applications. For example, large rotating brushes are very practical for surfaces, while the jet of the nozzle should be adjustable to a greater or lesser degree. Otherwise, with the strongest jet of a cordless pressure washer, you run the risk of removing paint or varnish from garden furniture along with the dirt.

Be sure to count all the individual parts in the shop when you rent a battery-powered pressure washer. Otherwise you risk being charged for missing battery-powered pressure washer spare parts. Even if you are borrowing a cordless pressure washer from friends, you should go through all the parts together and return them afterwards.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a classic pressure washer?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a classic pressure washer?

Of course, we do not want to deprive you of the advantages and disadvantages of the normal powerful devices:

  • work for an unlimited period of time
  • more water pressure, higher performance
  • more efficient work
  • also suitable for large areas
  • dependent on power source
  • cable and water hose interfere especially on ladders

5. How do you clean and maintain a cordless pressure washer?

Battery-powered high-pressure cleaners are available with and without an integrated water tank.
Cordless pressure washers are available with and without an integrated water tank.

You should clean the housing and the wheels with water and brushes if they are very dirty. The wheels can tolerate a drop of oil in spring and the water tank should be left completely dry over winter and rinsed out with soap and water beforehand. To protect the batteries, do not store them in rooms where frost is a factor in winter. Discharge the batteries as completely as possible before charging them again, otherwise the memory effect could take hold.

6. Which brands and manufacturers offer cordless high-pressure cleaners?

In the comparison, manufacturers such as Makita, Bosch, Einhell, Worx (Hydroshot), Kärcher, Ferrex, Black & Decker and Dewalt achieved the best results.

Cordless Pressure Washers

2 new from £80.00
5 used from £75.03
as of June 18, 2024 11:23 pm
as of June 18, 2024 11:23 pm
2 new from £130.00
4 used from £123.18
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1 used from £109.99
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2 new from £399.79
3 used from £149.99
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3 new from £129.95
5 used from £122.15
as of June 18, 2024 11:23 pm


What are cordless pressure washers good for?

With a cordless pressure washer, a lot of energy is lost in devices with a tank already for the fact that they have to draw in the water self-priming. All in all, these pressure washers are suitable for light cleaning work on a smaller scale.

What accessories are available for cordless pressure washers?

In addition to brushes, nozzles and batteries, a carrying strap can be practical for devices without a tank. For example, you can walk along a path and do not have to carry the cleaner with your hands. Cases for storing accessories are practical as they can also hold spare batteries and chargers.

How much bar does a cordless pressure washer have?

Most cordless pressure washers produce a pressure between 15 and 30 bar. Some models, however, can reach up to 100 bar. However, the maximum pressure is not the only criterion for deciding on a pressure washer. Also make sure that the amount of water and the pressure are well matched. If the amount of water is too low, the efficiency of the high-pressure cleaner will be considerably reduced.

How expensive is a cordless pressure washer?

You can get a low-priced cordless pressure washer for less than 80 pounds. In the middle price range, battery-operated high-pressure cleaners cost between 100 and 200 pounds. Particularly powerful brand-name pressure washers for professional use are not available for less than 500 to 600 pounds.

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