Best Pressure Washer under £100

Best Pressure Washer under £100

It seems that manufacturers of pressure washers compete to see who has the most powerful machine, but many of them completely ignore the fact that people need a small, compact pressure washer for easy cleaning. Fortunately, some brands have recognized the need and we have tested to find the best pressure washer under £100 for the household.

Did you know you can get a handy pressure washing machine that weighs less than 10 pounds for less than £100? We took the time to find the best equipment and write the reviews on the portable pressure washers under £100. Based on their best and worst qualities, we give an honest and objective opinion.

Top 10 Best Pressure Washer under £100

We even went a step further and made an extensive shopping guide for buying the pressure washers under £100.

Portable pressure washers vs standard

If you are looking for the answer to a question you need to answer, you have come to the right place. Think about the areas to be cleaned and the surrounding land and consider how much time you are willing to spend on these tasks. If you just want a machine that helps you wash your car and windows at home, you can solve it all with a manual electric car wash. So here are some ideas.

1. Portable pressure washers

  • They have a light cleaning, refreshing surfaces and removing dirt and dust.
  • You don’t have time to connect and operate heavy equipment, especially when it comes to short and simple tasks.
  • The price plays an important role in the decision-making process. Small, high-quality pressure washers cost less than £100, while standard units can cost anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand pounds.
  • You don’t intend to use the device that often.
  • They have a smaller area. You do not need a large cleaning unit for a small aisle or stem.

2. Standard electric pressure washers

  • Requires higher cleaning performance, PSI and GPM output.
  • You intend to use the device for intensive cleaning and removal of stains such as garage grease and oil, road signs in driveways or gutters. To prepare a surface for painting, a device that is powerful enough to remove previous layers of paint is required.
  • Difficult terrain. If you need a cordless but powerful device, you can always use a cordless pressure washer.
  • You have many different tasks to perform, from light cleaning to medium or heavy cleaning. A standard pressure washer can cover everything.
  • You need warm water to wash. Small high-pressure cleaners usually only offer a cold wash.

Advantages and disadvantages of a portable pressure washer

Advantages and disadvantages of a portable pressure washer


The main advantage of a compact pressure washer is its size. People buy portable high-pressure cleaners because they don’t want standard cleaners with them. Small units weigh between 9 and 20 pounds, and standard heavy-duty scrubbers can weigh between 30 and 60 pounds. Mobility is a problem, especially when you have an easy cleaning task ahead of you and don’t want to waste time getting rid of a big guy when a compact and powerful washing machine can handle it. That’s why many people invest in a portable washing machine.

They have larger and more powerful heavy-duty units and because they are so used to the benefits of high-pressure cleaning, any lighter cleaning tasks are redirected to smaller washing machines. Once you’re connected to one of the most powerful electric pressure washers in our magazines, you’ll never want to use a simple garden hose again.

The benefits are even more obvious when you buy a battery pressure washer that is ideal for cleaning boats, cars and small jobs on shipyards, such as decks and furniture. No wires, no sockets. Even if for some reason you can’t connect an electric washing machine to a water source, or if you have a cleaning job so small that a bucket is enough to do it, a high-pressure washing machine in a can is the ideal solution.

In addition, the low water pressure makes it possible to do the work without spending too much on electricity bills.

Impairment losses

There are not many, but the biggest disadvantage is the low efficiency of the PSI and GPM, which also means less cleaning power. We have noticed that many of these devices come with a shorter warranty.

What can I clean with a portable washing machine?

Portable pressure washers have many applications: they can be the best tool for cleaning different types of surfaces. If you’re tired of all the hassle of cleaning your patio, driveway or other outdoor furniture, a portable pressure washer is the solution to your problem.

You can also use the manual pressure washer to clean the fences in your garden or car. It will help you get the job done as quickly as possible. You don’t have to clean the streets all day. With this car, you can do it in a second.  Stop scratching pine cones and needles on the terrace. Dogs ruin the concrete? A pressure washer removes all stains. A good pressure washer can remove mould, mildew, mildew and stains from almost any surface.

Buyer’s guide for portable pressure washers under £100

Buyer’s guide for portable pressure washers under £100

1. PSI and GPM

Pounds per square inch is the number indicating the strength of the water pressure, and gallons per minute is the amount of water flowing under that pressure. The higher these figures, the greater the cleaning capacity.

2. Ancillary equipment

It is always a pleasure to have a soap dispenser. Especially if you want a thorough cleaning, but not the strongest. This solution is perfect for very dirty but fragile surfaces such as glass.

Other optional equipment for handshake cleaners includes a retractable hose, various nozzles, cleaning brushes and various accessories.

For example, if you already know that you need a soap dispenser, it is best to buy a pressure washer that has already been delivered – so you know exactly what the product will do. If something happens or does not work as promised, you can always count on your guarantee.

You are unlikely to be able to claim this warranty if you purchase two products from different manufacturers, even if they are standard connectors. If you also need to purchase additional equipment, you must use the same manufacturer. The Sun Joe Soap Dispenser must not be used on Greenworks washing machines, etc.

3. Power supply

Think about why you need a small pressure washer in addition to convenience. Is it still connected to a power source and water? Do you need a rechargeable battery or simple electricity? Think wisely and make a decision.

4. Sustainability

Are you buying something that can extend your season or two years, or are you looking for the strongest unit? It is important to remember that small, lightweight high-pressure cleaners are not designed for years of use.

As a result, manufacturers produce them mainly from low-grade plastic parts that can bear low operating costs and are, of course, relatively inexpensive compared to standard equipment. Each part used in these compact units is selected on the basis of different characteristics – price of the parts and reduced weight.

5. Warranty

Pay attention to the warranty, especially since these devices are not designed for frequent use. This means that any overload shortens the service life and you need a good warranty that covers your base.

6. Weight

Choose a device with wheels – it gets easier and easier. Or choose a product that you can take with you comfortably. There’s no reason to buy a big hand wash.

Pressure Washer Under £100

Kärcher K 2 Compact Pressure Washer

2 used from £69.98
Free shipping
Last update was on: August 17, 2022 5:45 am
£71.99 £129.99

WORX WG620E.9 18V (20V Max) Cordless Hydroshot Portable Pressure Cleaner - (Tool only - battery & charger sold separately)

Free shipping
Last update was on: August 17, 2022 5:45 am
£95.00 £99.99

Ryobi RPW110B Pressure Washer, 1500 W, Amazon Exclusive

11 used from £59.62
Free shipping
Last update was on: August 17, 2022 5:45 am

Bosch 06008A7F70 EasyAquatak 110 High Pressure Washer, Green, 37.5 cm*40.0 cm*20.0 cm

3 used from £53.46
Last update was on: August 17, 2022 5:45 am
£54.00 £94.99

Black+Decker BXPW1400E High Pressure Washer (1400 W, 110 bar, 390 l/h)

Last update was on: August 17, 2022 5:45 am

Wilks-USA RX510 High Power Pressure Washer 135 Bar Portable Electric Jet Washer for Patio Car Driveway & Garden with Snow...

Last update was on: August 17, 2022 5:45 am
£70.99 £99.99

VYTRONIX PW1500 Powerful Electric Pressure Washer 1400W | Jet Wash | High-Performance Power Cleaner for Car, Home, Patio and Garden...

4 used from £54.44
Free shipping
Last update was on: August 17, 2022 5:45 am

Norse SK90 Portable Pressure Washer 131Bar / 1900 PSI Electric Jet Washer for Patio Car Driveway & Garden with Wide...

Last update was on: August 17, 2022 5:45 am
£76.99 £89.99

Nilfisk Core 125 bar High Pressure Washer for Home, Garden and Car blue

Free shipping
Last update was on: August 17, 2022 5:45 am

Vytronix JETW1800 Powerful Electric Pressure Washer 1800W | 135 Bar | Jet Wash Kit | High-Performance Power Cleaner for Car,...

5 used from £79.19
Free shipping
Last update was on: August 17, 2022 5:45 am
£79.99 £84.99


Which product should I use and how?

First check that your washing machine is equipped with a pressure tank containing soap or detergent. If not, check if you can buy it. Some mini washing machines are not even equipped with a soap dispenser.

Most brands of pressure washers have their own detergent, but you can always buy similar (or identical) brands in the supermarket. There is a selection of cleaning products for cleaning floors, cars, bricks and walls, terraces, etc.

How often are you going to use your Power-Puck?

If you want to do small cleaning jobs every week, invest in a compact but strong appliance with a long warranty. However, if you plan to make your life easier from time to time with a pressure washer, a small pressure washer will suffice for your needs.

1500 PSI is enough to operate a deck washer?

1500 PSI is more than enough to wash the deck. You have to be very careful, because 1500 PSI can even damage conifers and leave traces. Many of these portable washing machines have a PSI value of less than 1500.

Per wheel or not per wheel?

All high pressure washers on our list are small, compact and easy to transport. But despite the fact that they are small, some come with wheels and others will have to take them with them. Fortunately, all high-pressure cleaners of this product weigh less than 20 pounds.

What is the amount of PSI required to clean the vehicle?

It only takes about 700 PSI to wash your car with electricity and leave no streaks. All these small high pressure cleaners on our list will clean your car properly.

How much PSI is needed to clean the aisle?

Concrete access roads require a little more PSI for deep cleaning. Some people say it takes at least 3000 PSI, which doesn’t make sense. Even 2500 PSI can damage your concrete! The real question is, what are you trying to get out of that concrete? The 1000 PSI pipette is more than enough to quickly clean fallen leaves and pine cones, the soap dispenser is more suitable for fighting grease stains, etc.

Regular lane cleaning can be done with these small machines, but with a large lane it obviously takes longer to wash it with a compact high-pressure cleaner than with a heavy machine.

1,500 PSI are sufficient for regular homework?

Yes, all these small washing machines provide enough PSI to clean decks, outdoor furniture, stairs, sidewalks, cars, boats, etc. The same applies to the removal of dirt and dust. Depending on the severity of the stain and the fragility of the mud, dirt and faeces, these units are ideal for light cleaning tasks, while some units with higher PSI and GPM are also suitable for medium-duty tasks.

How far from the surface should I hold the nozzle?

It depends on the surface you clean. The impact is stronger if you hold the nozzle close to the surface. But be careful, because if you use a high-pressure cleaner with a large PSI and GPM output close to the surface, the water jet can injure you. Wear overalls and rubber shoes.

When it comes to cleaning, it is not the same if you wash the second floor of your house with a strong explosion of water or if you focus on wooden furniture. Read the manual carefully to find out which surfaces can be cleaned at a certain pressure and which nozzles should be used.


When you think of the advantages of the best pressure washer under £100, it is clear that it is always convenient to have such a device at home or in the country. Especially in a summerhouse, actually. Imagine if you don’t visit the house for a while, then the part where you have to do the first cleaning comes. Your best ally could be a manual pressure washer. The goal is to reduce the cleaning time to a few minutes.

In summary: It’s good to lie down at home if you’re not a passionate caregiver who uses it every day. All the washing machines described above are very practical, easy to transport and still have enough power for serious (but simple) cleaning.
Ray D Berryman

Ray D Berryman

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