Tips – Removing green algae from paving slabs

A green layer on the paving does not look nice, and it also makes the path slippery. Here you can find out how to remove verdigris from paving stones - and why it is not verdigris at all, but green coating.Green growth vs green algaeGreen algae vs green growth are two completely different ...

How to remove verdigris from the house wall

You finally want to remove verdigris from the wall of your house because the coating doesn't look nice? That's no problem. However, it is not verdigris at all, but an algae or moss coating.No verdigris?Verdigris has a bad reputation, and rightly so. However, not every green coating is ...

Greenhouse care basics

A greenhouse brings with it a lot of potential for experimenting with plants - but of course also a lot of work. Not only the plants, but also the building itself needs regular care. Here is a brief overview of what you should not neglect.What care does a greenhouse need?Growing plants and ...

Using a pressure washer with how much bar?

It is crucial on which surfaces and for which cleaning jobs a high-pressure cleaner is used. While some paving stones refuse to let go of dirt even at high pressure, the same pressure can easily dent car body panels and gutters. Ideally, the device can be infinitely adjusted.The decisive ...

Cleaning a wooden patio with a pressure washer

If you want to keep your wooden terrace in good, well-maintained condition for as long as possible, regular cleaning is necessary. A high-pressure cleaner can be a helpful tool for this. More about which pressure and which attachments you should use in the following.How to use the pressure ...

Helpful Tips On How To Pressure Wash A House

Your house is a treasured investment so it must be cleaned thoroughly. This means that it must be free from all harmful bacteria and other substances which can cause or affect our body. Nevertheless, do not worry and despair. Your friendly pressure washer machine can solve it. It is only a matter ...

Practical Ways Of Driveway Cleaning

The driveway is one of the most essential parts of your house. Therefore, a clean driveway where you can do some squeaking adds beauty and elegance to your home. In case there is a single spot of dirt it can really make your day a disastrous one. In good housekeeping, a well-maintained driveway is ...

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