Cleaning and sealing paving stones – costs & price examples

The costs for cleaning and sealing a paved area are on average between 10 and 30 £ per m², but can vary greatly in individual cases. The total cost is made up of the cost of basic cleaning, the cost of applying the sealant and the cost of any special cleaning that may be necessary (green stains, cement stains, oil stains, lime stains, etc.). Our article shows cost examples from practice and goes into detail about the individual cost-determining factors.

Cost example: Cleaning and sealing paving stones

Example situation:

  • Paving area with 80 m² size (paved courtyard)
  • Medium degree of soiling
  • No extensive green cover
Journey65 £
Cleaning480 £
Nano-sealing630 £
Total cost1.175 £
Cost per m²14,69 £ per m²

Further down in the article you will also find two more price examples, with a more expensive and a cheaper example situation. This will give you a feel for the range of possible costs.

Cost factors

Cost factors

1. Degree of soiling

The effort required to clean the paved area and the equipment to be used largely depends on the given degree of soiling of the paved area.

Costs for low and medium levels of soiling. Simple cleaning with low or medium soiling usually costs between 5 and 10 £ per m² for medium-sized areas.

Costs for heavy soiling. If cleaning with hot water and high pressure is required at greater expense, the cleaning of the paved area alone can cost up to 20£ per m².

2. Special cleaning

The removal of massive green coverings, the removal of cement film and the removal of oil stains or lime stains are special cleanings for which special cleaning techniques and cleaning agents must be used. Such special cleanings are always charged separately.

The decisive factors for the costs are the type and extent of the soiling, the expected effort for the cleaning and the cleaning technique used. This can vary greatly in individual cases.

3. Sealing

Costs for common sealants. Depending on the type of sealant used, costs of between 5 and 15£ per m² can be expected for sealing the paved area.

Costs for special sealers. Special sealants, such as a high-quality nano-sealing of the paved surface, may also be even more expensive.

4. Area size

The size of the area to be cleaned and sealed plays an important role in calculating prices.

Lower costs for very large areas. If the area to be cleaned is very large and the cleaning effort is low, the costs can drop to as little as £ 2.50 per m² in individual cases.

Higher costs for small areas. Conversely, for comparatively small areas (10 – 20 m²), very high prices are often calculated for cleaning and sealing.

5. All-inclusive offers

Many companies offer cleaning and sealing and often also the filling of joints at favourable all-inclusive prices.

With such offers, it is always important to pay attention to the size of the surface for which the all-inclusive price applies and the degree of soiling up to which the all-inclusive price is charged.

6. Additional work

Additional work may have to be carried out, which can further increase the costs:

  • Filling joints
  • Colour coating

Filling joints

Costs for refilling with crystal sand. For the refilling of joints with crystal sand, most companies charge between 5 and 10 £ per m².

Costs for permanent joint filling. For grouting (permanent filling with cement) of the joints, on the other hand, significantly higher costs must be expected. 25 – 35 £ per m² are usual for this work, but the creation of such a stone joint (also called a “fixed joint”) permanently prevents weed growth.

Colour coating

Paving stones, especially concrete stones, can easily be given a coloured coating to refresh or change the original colour. At the same time, the colour coating offers the same protection as a sealant.

The costs vary greatly depending on the coating system used and the individual work involved. To save costs, you can also paint concrete paving stones yourself if necessary.

Cost example for complex execution

Example situation:

  • Paved area with 80 m² size (paved courtyard)
  • Massive soiling
  • Heavy infestation of green cover in places
  • High-quality special sealing
Journey65 £
Cleaning1.520 £
Sealing850 £
Total cost2.435 £
Cost per m²30,44 £ per m²

Cost example simple version

Example situation:

  • Paved area with 180 m² size
  • little soiling, no green cover
Journey45 £
Cleaning685 £
Sealing950 £
Total cost1.680 £
Cost per m²9,33 £ per m²

Paving stones can be made of a wide variety of materials. Regardless of whether they are made of granite, sandstone or concrete, they require professional basic cleaning after ten years at the latest. The stones are constantly exposed to the weather, which leads to the accumulation of dirt. This creates optimal growth conditions for microorganisms that can attack the surface. Algae, moss and lichen settle deep in the stone pores. This not only spoils the appearance of the paving stones, but also impairs their longevity.

Saving costs

Saving costs

Clean and seal pavements yourself

In principle, it is possible to clean your own paved areas yourself with a pressure washer, a scrubbing brush and a little dedication.

Chemical agents are dangerous and often even forbidden. Aggressive green coat removers and “home remedies” (e.g. vinegar essence) should only be used with caution; in publicly accessible areas, the use of these agents is prohibited for good reason and punishable by law.

Seal the pavement yourself. You can also seal the pavement yourself. Various sealants are available in shops at a cost of 5 – 25 £ per litre. However, the yield varies – the total cost must therefore be calculated depending on the sealer used.

Have regular cleaning carried out

If professional cleaning is carried out at regular intervals, the cleaning effort and costs are significantly lower. If necessary, cleaning contracts can be concluded with individual companies at particularly favourable conditions.

Take advantage of all-inclusive offers

Many companies offer cleaning and sealing at particularly favourable all-inclusive prices. Accepting such offers can be worthwhile.

However, it should always be clarified in advance for what size of area and what degree of soiling the all-inclusive offer applies. In some cases, additional special cleaning may be considerably more expensive. It is usually worthwhile to compare prices.

Tax deductions

In most cases, cleaning and sealing work on paved areas can be tax-deductible as a so-called household-related service.


What does cleaning and sealing paving cost?

In our example, the cleaning and sealing of the moderately soiled paved area costs 14.69 £ per m². However, numerous factors affect the actual price.

Which factors influence the price?

The most important factors are the size and degree of soiling of the paved area and the type of sealant used, as well as the individual amount of work required for each job. You can find more factors here.

What options are there to save costs?

Costs can be saved by using low-priced package offers (compare prices!) or by carrying out the cleaning and sealing of the paved areas yourself, if necessary. You can find more ways to save costs here.

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